[Real Wedding] Story of Domenic and Dionne


Domenic and Dionne married on the 22nd April 2017

The wedding ceremony was held at the Greek Orthodox Church of Koimisis Tis Theotokou. Followed by a spectacular reception at the Krystal Function Centre.

Domenic and Dionne wore Story of Stefania crowns during their Greek wedding ceremony.


Why did you choose this stefana for your wedding?

Our Koumbari chose the Gold Swarovski pearl and crystal stefana from Story of Stefania as they are well made but most of all because of their uniqueness.

Also they wanted something that would match the theme of our wedding and they knew if they got them custom made they’d get just that.




What was the theme or colour palette that inspired your wedding?

The theme we went with was black and gold with bursts of colour.

We decided on a black and gold theme because we wanted a very classic and classy style without it being your traditional style looking wedding. We wanted that something different that would make our wedding unique.

The flowers provided rich colours of pinks, purples and maroon to our wedding theme. We had a massive amount of greenery from the foliage that was used, as we wanted this to be the focal point so the colours would pop-out amongst the greenery.



Any special/unique details included in your wedding?

Domenic comes from an Italian Calabrian background and food is a very important part in their culture. He worked very closely with the Krystal Function Centre for months to create our wedding menu. The most unique part of our menu was our pasta course as it was served by two chefs who came out onto the dance floor in front of all our guests with two big Parmesan cheese wheels. The pasta was served from the cheese wheels onto the plates and waiters took it straight to our guests.


Domenic wanted to replicate how wedding food is done in his parents hometown in Calabria. Our main was a seafood based dish which included Moreton Bay Bugs and Harvey Bay Scallops. Other courses on our menu consisted of traditional Italian antipasto including zeppole, pickled green tomatoes plus much more and an individual plate of fresh seafood.

We also had the Caparezza coffee cart at our reception that opened up as desserts went out, our guests loved it! The cart also made an appearance at the Adelaide Botanical Park where we took our family photos. We thought this would be a great idea for our family to enjoy while they’re waiting and they could enjoy their coffee with some nibbles that were brought along.

Apart from wedding cake that was served for dessert, we also had an individual tasting plate of small desserts that consisted of both Greek and Italian traditional sweets.


As the food was all left up to the Italians, Dionne took care of the entertainment. There was an equal balance of both Greek and Italian music. Our reception entrance started to the beat of a well known Greek Tsifteteli which was played live by the Kosmos band and was led by their bouzouki player as we danced our way down the aisle. Once we got to the dance floor the music was switched gracefully to the traditional Calabrian tarantella which was also played live, by this stage the dance floor was packed. It was so much fun seeing both cultures come together to celebrate such a happy occasion.



About the wedding day…

We often sit back and reflect on our wedding day and we’re so happy that all our family and friends had so much fun but most importantly we enjoyed our day as it all came together the way we wanted it to.


What we wanted to create came to life, the uniqueness of our wedding was perfect for us. We had so much fun with our bridal party too, they all made it such a memorable experience for us both. We had great laughs on the day and their support throughout our whole wedding preparations goes without saying.


[thank you]

Thank you Domenic and Dionne for sharing your stunning Greek and Italian wedding on the Story of Stefania blog. Your wedding was truly spectacular and details so unique. Thank you for allowing Story of Stefania crowns to be part of your wedding. I loved making your gold stefana and it truly did match such a beautiful couple. It was lovely meeting you Dionne and your koumbara! It is kind people like yourselves that is the reason why I love creating stefana!



Venue: Krystal Function Centre
Wedding dress: Varacalli Couture
Bridesmaid dresses: Varacalli Couture
Bridal Jewellery: Christie Nicolaides and Kate Spade (Bride), Mimco (Bridesmaids)
Grooms/groomsman’s suits: Joseph Uzumcu
Cake: Cristarella Cakes
Flowers: Tony and Marks
Hair and Makeup: Ninette’s (Hair), Alisha Babadimas (Make-up)
Photography: Scott Goh Photography
Music: Kosmos Band
Other: Wedding Films (Videographer), Oscar de la Renta (Brides Shoes). Andrew Mazzone (Wedding Rings), Caparezza (Coffee Cart), PlanStyleParty (Centrepiece Stands), Saint George (Bonbonniere).


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