The Meaning Of Stefana and How To Choose For Your Wedding

Stefana (Greek wedding crowns) symbolise the glory and honour that is being bestowed to the couple by God. The Bride and Groom are crowned as King and Queen of their home, which they will rule with wisdom, justice and integrity.

The ribbon joining the stefana symbolises unity. The ribbon that joins the two crowns should always remain intact for a lifetime. As it is the eternal bond between the Bride and Groom.

Traditionally the koumbaro/a (best man/maid of honour) provide the stefana to the marrying couple. I have noticed during my years of making stefana, that it is common for brides to choose their stefana but from time to time, many koumbari choose also.

In Ancient times, stefana were made from olive branches, vine leaves and lemon blossom. Today, Stefana are made from a variety of materials (i.e. sterling silver, gold, Swarovski crystals, pearls) and can be as simple or ornate as the couple prefer.

A particular stefana can be chosen for a variety of reasons;
Personal preference of the couple or koumbari
Match the wedding dress; many brides want pearls or crystals on the stefana to match the pearls or crystals sewn on their wedding dress. Also the stefana joining ribbon can be white or ivory to match the colour of the wedding dress.
Match the theme of the wedding;
Emotional connection; many couples have chosen a particular stefana because it reminded them of their parents or grandparents stefana.
Match the colour theme of their wedding

Below I have categorised Story of Stefania crowns into wedding styles;


White Berries Stefana
Ivory Berries Stefana
Antique Gold Berries Stefana

Stefana made with floral berries have a natural feel. This stefana range are very popular with rustic theme and winery Greek weddings.
My inspiration to create the floral berries stefana came from my grandparents stefana. It is so special when people tell me the berries stefana remind them of what their grandparents wore at their wedding ceremony (1950’s-60’s).



[stefana inspiration] photo of my Grandparents Pavlos and Evangelia at their Greek wedding ceremony.


Swarovski Crystal Stefana
White Opal Swarovski Crystal Stefana

I use Swarovski crystals as they are a high quality material. The sparkle of Swarovski crystals really do resemble the flash of diamonds.
A new Swarovski crystal I have been using is White Opal, it has a warm white glow.



Double Swarovski Pearl Stefana
Diamanté and Petite Pearl Stefana
Pearlescent White Pearls Stefana
Diamanté and Swarovski Pearl Stefana

Traditional pearl Stefana designs are a huge favourite with marrying couples. Swarovski pearls are classic and make the stefana designs timeless.
A new pearl in our range is the Pearlescent white (from Swarovski SS17 launch). It is a frosted mother of pearl shimmer, a contemporary twist on the classic pearl.



Rose Gold Swarovski Stefana
Swarovski Gold Stefana

Rose Gold has been an on-trend colour for weddings the past few years. Many brides have chosen the Rose Gold stefana to match their wedding colour theme. The Swarovski rose gold pearl has the elegant appearance like the classic white pearl.

The advice I always give to Story of Stefania couples trying to decide which stefana to choose from is, to pick a design you love and represent you as a couple. As your stefana is a visual reminder of the sacrament of your marriage.







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